oomphlink was started in 2011 by Harry Matthew Pianko, who currently serves as CEO. oomphlink is designed to not only be a dynamically updated address book but also a way to search for people that you have lost contact with. Best of all, oomplink and all of its features are free! oomphlink also values your privacy, and we do not share your information with anyone. For more details about your privacy, you can view our Privacy Policy.

oomphlink is new, so we'll be changing and upgrading as time goes on. Hopefully, you'll love oomphlink, and recommend it to your friends. If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Just send us a comment through the Contact screen.

Dynamically Updated Address Book in the Cloud

oomphlink provides a way for you to keep all of your contacts' information up to date. Once you have added a contact in oomphlink, you'll know that his or her information will always be current. If your contact changes something in his or her profile, then your "address book" will automatically be updated.

You can view your contacts online at oomphlink.com; in your Google contacts (through syncing with oomphlink); with the oomphlink app; and in your phone's contacts (via the oomphlink app that syncs with your phone's contacts or by syncing your phone to your computer).

We can add back Outlook and Apple contacts and add Yahoo contacts when the syncing is completed.


We know that you don't always want everyone to have all of your contact information, so you can set up profiles in oomphlink. You can set pictures, e-mails, phone numbers, and just about anything else to certain profiles. You can then choose which profile(s) to share with which contacts. This way, your friends can see your personal information, and your work colleagues can see your work information.

You can also choose to share your information, view someone else's information, or both. This is great when you want someone's e-mail address, but you don't necessarily want to share yours.

Searching for and Adding Contacts

There are many ways to search for and add contacts in oomphlink. You can type your friends' names in the search field, or you can import your contacts (to search for their information) from your existing lists, such as Google, Facebook, etc. If your friends aren't on oomphlink, then you can invite them to join, too.

Another great feature of oomphlink is that it keeps "prior information." You can even enter your prior information in your profile for people to search. How many times have you searched for a friend by an old e-mail address and not found her? oomphlink keeps this information for search purposes only (it does not display in your profile), so your friends who have lost touch with you can find you more easily. Don't worry; you can always permanently delete your prior information, too.